High School Dance DJ Packages

Amp It Up Package – $875

Built to make your small event Amp it Up!  We work with any budget to deliver a dance experience that is unrivalled. For dances up to 100 people, our Amp it Up package delivers everything you need to please the crowd.  2000 watts of sound, 4 different lighting effects, and a real club DJ.  DJ’s table and lighting/speaker stands complete this package.  Live requests played all night long!

High Voltage – $1700

Make your dance a big deal when you choose AMP IT UP’s High Voltage package!  This package includes 4000 Watts of sound, 6 different lighting effects, Hi-Intensity Strobe, a smoke machine, and a real club DJ. We will deliver a 10 Ft.  DJ stage and 30 ft. banner with lighting truss to create a larger-than-life experience for a small dance.

Big….Scary….Laser – $2600

A Real concert  VIBE experience is felt with the Big Scary Laser Package.  We bring a 30 ft wide Concert Stage with 20 ft of Lighting Truss to hold up a 10-Piece Disco / Intelligent Lighting set and a real club DJ playing your favorite hits on our over 5000 Watt sound system, with a live MC who is throwing out Prize giveaways, standing on top of a 10 foot STAGE….and…    ….a…BIG…….SCARY…………………………………LASER!

Glow Party Experience $2800

This package can only be described as an experience because it is much more than a Dance….Prize Giveaways, and live contests played out on our HUGE 60 foot stage. A Celebrity MC and 2 Real Club DJs will be performing on our 10,000 Watt Sound System.  Dance it up on top of our two strobe-lit Dance Stages.  Our Visual Effects will keep your eyes blinking with our 11-piece lighting set including Intelligent Lighting, Strobe Lighting and a 1000 Watt UV Black Light Cannon to make everything GLOW!!!


Lunchtime Promo $500

Create a Lunchtime event like a soc hop or a pep rally when we bring down 1 real club DJ to your Schools Lunchtime to spin some music while we help to promote for the dance.  Live Requests Available for 1 hour.