Amp It Up

Amp It Up was formed in 2001 in response to a DJ industry that was lacking the style and customization that young people needed.  Nobody wants to hear Vanilla ICE at their wedding, come on now that’s awful.  People want to hear songs that they identified with when they first met their future spouse, and all the songs that played as they grew together, hung out together and so on.

When you are at an event and a song comes on that makes you feel alive – That is Amping it Up!  Forget the status quo, embrace what makes you unique and special. If your special is the status quo, than that’s okay too – we do have ICE ICE Baby in our music library!

Amp It Up consists of local Vancouver based DJ’s, who grew up in this beautiful diverse city, affording you a company with an experienced and extensive musical depth.  From playing that Thunderstruck song for the dragon dance before a seven course meal, to turning on lightbulbs to an Apache Indian hip hop remix, to getting your grandparents to do the Macarena – Amp it Up knows how to DJ a party!

Unlike most DJ companies, we have the industry experience that some of our competitors may lack in their DJing department .  Our DJ’s love, understand and listen to all genres including the music of today as well. Our DJ’s have a diverse music selection that includes the music of past generations, so it’s basically in their blood.  We rarely receive a request for a song that we don’t know – and if we don’t know it, probably nobody else will either.

When you book with Amp it Up, you can rest assured that your event will be a success.  With hundreds of events produced by our company, and thousands by our quality DJ’s, we know how to rock the party.  Give us a try at your next event, and remember to Amp It Up (Trademarked – yes we did that too!)

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